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grammery for word

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Grammery for word

Followers of the blog of his favorite books, Al-Akram. We are pleased to put in your hands the English grammar book in detail, which is a very wonderful book
  Grammery for word
Present Tense

1. AbilityI cant open the door.She can play the piano.2. RequestGrammery for wordCan you help me?Can you open the door?
3. Permission
Can i leave now?Can i ask a question?
4. Possibility
They can be brothers.
It can be late.
  Grammery for word

1. Past ability
She could open the door.
I couldnt go there.
2. Politer requests
Could you help me?
Could you pass it to me?
3. Politer permission
Could i ask a question?
Could i leave now?
4. Weaker possibility
We could get there late.
It could be expensive.

Grammery for word

We also use 'must' to express a strong obligation. When we use 'must' this usually means that some personal circumstance makes the obligation necessary (and the speaker almost certainly agrees with the obligation.)
Grammery for word
I must go to bed earlier.
They must do something about it.
You must come and see us some time.
I must say, I don't think you were very nice to him.
Grammery for word
We can also use 'have to' to express a strong obligation. When we use 'have to' this usually means that some external circumstance makes the obligation necessary.

Grammery for word
I have to arrive at work at 9 sharp. My boss is very strict.
We have to give him our answer today or lose out on the contract.
Grammery for word
You have to pass your exams or the university will not accept you.
I have to send a report to Head Office every week.
 Grammery for word

Grammery for word

[ I  do do,  I  do]

☆Present Continuous Tense 

[I  am doing,  I  am doing  tomorrow ]

☆Present Perfect Tense

[ I  have  done]

☆Present Perfect Continuous Tense

[ I  have  been doing]

☆Past Tense

[ I  did do,  I  did]

 ☆Past Continuous Tense

[ I  was doing]

☆ Past Perfect Tense 

[I  had done ]

Grammery for word

☆Past Perfect Continuous Tense

[ I  had been doing]

☆ Future  Tense 

[I  will  do]

 ☆Future  Continuous Tense

 [I  will  be  doing] 

☆Future  Perfect Tense

[ I  will  have  done] 

☆Future  Perfect  Continuous Tense 

[I  will  have  been doing]