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insurance 2021

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 The system of insurance

, insurance or guarantee is a way to reduce the impact of the risks faced by the individual in his

. entity or his life

 The essence of this method is to achieve cooperation by involving people who face the same risk, in order to achieve an impact on some of them, by paying a subscription fee or a premium for each of them, and the collected amount is collected and then distributed to the

. victims

 In this way, the impact of the disaster on the people involved in achieving this type of cooperation will be

. realized 

[1] Insurance is a realistic reality, and it is one of the best ways that a person can mitigate the impact of disasters, whether these disasters are caused by the person himself, or because of his negligence or negligence, or because of the actions of others

 It is a safety means that conforms to the spirit of the age, and in this age the requirements of life abound, the danger of machines increases, and the danger of

 .development becomes clear

Insurance, as a modern means of dealing with risks and their impact, is one of the most prominent reasons for its prosperity, diversity, development and expansion in various fields, as it provides protection for the various risks faced by individuals

 .regardless of their money

.  The effectiveness of insurance has also led to some states implementing certain types of insurance to ensure that certain groups of people are compensated for certain accidents.  [1]

 The basis of the insurance system is the presence of a legal instrument that regulates the relationship between the insured and the insured, that is, the

. insurance contract

However, insurance is not limited to this aspect

  In addition, in order to achieve the purpose of underwriting risks, insurance companies use technical means and use the technical elements necessary to manage the insurance business, such as the rules from statistics, the risk clearing

. system 

 the application of the law of abundance and the rules of financial management.  Therefore, it will be able to achieve the goal of covering the risks faced by the insured, and at the same time the insurance company - the insurance company - will be able to manage the

 .insurance project

liberation language "secure" the language of "security", safety is fear, means inner peace,the soul with fear, security, honesty and security in the original

Security sometimes is the name of the situation in which there is haste in human security, and sometimes the name is faith

. in human beings

 [3] It combines insurance.

 [4] Doctrinal definition[edit]  There are many theoretical definitions of insurance,

. and they are all different

This is mainly because insurance has two aspects, one is legal and the other is

. technical

Some jurists focus on the first aspect, and stress on the legal insurance tool, that is, the insurance contract, while some jurists focus on the technical aspects of insurance,  While ignoring its legal aspects.Although most jurists believe that the precise definition of insurance must be revealed to its legal and technical aspects,

. otherwise it is an incomplete definition

The legal aspect of insurance is the relationship between the insured and the insured, and this relationship stems from

. the insurance contract that binds them