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WhatssAP2021 has issued a warning to users around the world about a very common

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 WhattsAP has issued a warning to users around the world about a very common

application that opens new Watts

 August messages. But these additional

can cost much
The billions of

 Watts Augtions may face a ban on the famous chat. 

The Popular

 Corresponding Platform has issued

 warning when an informal version of

 Watts Augtions spread on social media
at the end of last month. Read more

Three secret features in Watts August may need to know and design

 "Android" this named GB WhatsApp to

 provide advantages such as


 responses on messages, and

 .the ability

 to retrieve deleted messages The

 program was designed to be

 sufficiently similar in the name of the

 original application, making smart
 phones assumed that it was developed

 by the official team. However, the GB

 WhatsApp has nothing to do with the

original chat application. These

 unprecedented features are allowed to

 gb WhatsApp gain attracting force

 among fans all over the
. world
 while it may be tempting to download
 and install the application on your

 Android phone to get these features ...

 you will need to really be sure to want

 those in those tricks. 

This is because

 Watts August warned that users will be

 blocked from the messaging

 application if they download an


 unofficial third-party program, such as

 GB WhatsApp.

 The company's owned

 "Facebook" confirmed that replicated

 applications are prohibited under the

 terms of service. Read more 

 Advantage Wait for millions appear in
 Watts August: "If you receive a message

 within the application, it is temporarily

 prohibited, this means you are

 probably used as an unsupported

 version of Watts August instead of a

 Watt application Clone applications

 that are associated with the Watts
 August account are prohibited to

 provide new potentials not supported

 in the original application of

 "Facebook". According to Watts August,

 this policy is designed to protect users

 from security concerns. Watts AP said

 in a commentary of the British

 newspaper "The Sun": "Unsupposed

 applications, such as WhatsApp Plus or

 GB WhatsApp or applications that

 claim the transfer of Watts August

 conversations, are contaminated

 versions GB WhatsApp is now not

 available at Google Play Store (Google

 Play). Instead, smart phones are
 needed to search for GB WhatsApp in

 informal online applications. It will

 also need to disable some preventive

 measures that are run by default on

 Android for download from the web.

 Source: Xpress WhatsApp - Watts AP

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